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Void πŸ’« Sound Kit (Serum Presets, Vocal Chops, MIDI)

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The "Void - Sound Kit", by @iamsynthetic_ and @onesharkboy, is the craziest sequel you will ever NEED in your Hyperpop sound collection πŸ’«! Includes 80 perfectly designed Serum Presets we use to create our crazy melodic hyperpop samples!

The kit includes a HUGE Serum Bank, MIDI, and Vocal Loops crafted with the goal of making your samplemaking experience as effortless as possible ⚑ !

You'll have access to all the current sounds needed to create Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Jetsonmade, and Hyperpop samples 🎨!


80 Serum Presets:

- 2 FX
- 3 Chord
- 8 Bass
- 4 Keys
- 20 leads
- 8 pads
- 25 plucks
- 10 synths

40 MIDI Compositions + 20 Vocal Chops created by Synthetic & Sharkboy 🦈 πŸ‘½
- Key πŸ”‘ and BPM 🎹 Included!
- High-Quality and WAV ⚑
- Sample Type: Virtual, Hyperpop, Emotional, Melodic

Sample/Midi Clearance:
Please contact Synthetic/Sharkboy via email or Instagram for all Major Placements with Artists
Instagram: (@iamsynthetic_ @onesharkboy)

Special Thanks to
the team for these crazy demos!

GFX Credits:

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Enjoy βœ¨πŸ’«