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"Cover Artwork" GFX Service - @1ayosauce

Regular price $29.99

We are now taking commissions for Cover Artworks via @1ayosauce

Delivery time: 2-3 days




1. After payment please screenshot your transaction and send to @1ayosauce via Instagram DM to proceed with the commission.

2. AyoSauce will then confirm your transaction and you can then explain what it is you are looking for (ex. design ideas, colors, concepts, etc.)

3. He will then send the artwork to you directly VIA email.

4. ESTIMATED Delivery time: 2-3 days


If I haven't communicated with you on instagram about the purchase, then send a screenshot of payment transaction from Shopify to my e-mail (with "paid commision" title): ayosauce4x@gmail.com

After sending, you can contact me to discuss the details of the order on my instagram (@1ayosauce) or we can continue communication via mail. Other examples of my work are also in my instagram